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Sheboygan, WI


Online Ordering Information

The days we ship are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If you live in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana we will ship via U.P.S. ground service. When shipping to other states, we will send it Federal Express 2 day air service.


NOTICE: We charge a $10 packing & handling fee for each package in addition to the shipping charges. To check shipping prices please review the links below:


We can send fish to any northern state but we can't guarantee it will get there.

Smoked Fish Anywhere in the USA

Our smoked fish products make excellent gifts for friends and family members anywhere in country.


Share the superior flavor of our fish that comes from our old fashioned methods of naturally brining and hot smoking using hardwood.


These techniques have been used by the Schwarz family unchanged for over a hundred years.

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