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828 Riverfront Dr

3028 S 9th St

Sheboygan, WI

Sheboygan, WI


About Schwarz Fish Company

Schwarz Fish Company was organized in 1912 by Herman Sr. and William Schwarz. We were originally located on the Sheboygan River and processed only smoked fish. In 1924 the Company moved to its present location at 3028 South 9th Street in Sheboygan. At that time we expanded into fresh fish processing and frozen seafood products.


In 1938 Marcel Schwarz, son of Herman Sr, bought the company and since then it has been owned and operated by his family. Currently Marcel's son Neil is acting President. Also Neil's children play an active role in the company. In 1953 we opened our retail store on Sheboygan's riverfront.


We currently offer a wide variety of smoked and fresh fish, frozen seafood's, homemade deli salads, and carryout fried food.

Our wholesale plant continues to distribute throughout the state of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Our fresh fish comes from Canada, Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Schwarz Fish Company is HACCP certified and operates under strict GMP's as required by the Federal Government.


At Schwarz Fish Company we strive to achieve the finest quality smoked products available. We have been using the same smoking methods for over 90 years. We use only salt and water in the brine solution and all natural hardwood fires. These old fashioned methods have proven to be successful for us and that's why we believe our products are superior to others and you'll taste the difference.

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